Choosing right engagement rings

Whether you’re a traditionalist or like to push boundaries, a diamond engagement ring is something of a given. For centuries it’s been custom to gift your loved one with a stunning diamond ring before an upcoming union, and while there are many stories on how that started, the reality is a shining diamond is incomparable in its beauty with durable qualities letting it last forever (just like your love!). When choosing engagement rings in brisbane it may be tempting to go for any common jewellery store, as they resemble a diamond, but be sure to first understand their real differences.

No matter how big or showy the ring, if it’s not a real diamond then maybe it’s not real love. In realistic terms a diamond stone is worth almost nothing when you consider a resale value; often the setting is worth more than the fake stone. Stunning white diamonds will cost you more upfront, but you are guaranteed a genuine jewel that will retain it’s magic shine and value forever.

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