Divine 22K Temple Design Necklace – 25.20g


Embrace divine beauty with our Divine 22K gold Temple Design Necklace. The yellow metal and 916 hallmark ensure authenticity and charm. Weighing 25.20g, this necklace, featuring intricate temple design, is a symbol of cultural richness. Price: $4789 including GST.

– Metal: 22K Yellow Gold
– Weight: 25.20g
– Hallmark: 916
– Diamond (If any): Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
– Necklace Type: Temple Design Necklace with Dori
– Price: $4789 (Including GST)

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Experience the divine aura with our Divine 22K Gold Temple Design Necklace. The intricate temple design adds a touch of cultural richness to this masterpiece. The yellow metal and 916 hallmark guarantee authenticity, making it a cherished accessory that reflects your cultural heritage.

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