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Jewellery, the word itself, consists of timeless beauty and delicacy. Jewellery is not just about adornment; it holds deep emotional significance. For those who are fond of quality on their persona, they wear it like a body piece.

In fact jewellery is a piece of art to wear and that makes us human beings more authentic. So why not wear that Sparkling Gold that can uncover your allure.

Searching for elegance? Then you are at the right place. We at ZEVAR provide a exquisite collections of  jewellery pieces, from Nose rings to Necklaces, frompendants to earrings, from gold bracelets for women to kids gold jewellery. We are more specialised on Indian jewellery, in our outlet store you’ll find 22K Antique Necklace, diamond nose pin, Gold mangalsutra, Gold bangles and many more Zevar designs.

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Your best “Indian jewellery shop in upper mt gravatt ”

Yes we are right. It can be your favourite jewellery shop too just like our loyal customers that visited us and reviewed us. As we took care of them with a smile and sparkling gold.

As the heading says “indian jewellery shop”, we represent Indian culture and its authenticity in our ornaments. We’re also inspired by the artful designs that this culture produces. People across the globe are fond of Indian style jewellery designs.

As we know the art is more decent when the detailing is done, the same thing we apply in our ZEVAR designs that will make you look decent. We precisely select the jewellery that customers will definitely love and after purchasing it they will also cherish it for a long time.

At our store, we understand that each individual is unique, and their style and preferences are as distinct as their personalities. With this in mind, we’ve organised our exclusive range of collections. You just have to visit our store for more sparkle in your life.

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What we provide in Our store:

First thing we provide is our Trust and value to our beloved customers through our designing ornaments collection. Through our passion and craftsmanship we cover vast areas of designs. Zevar is also one of the best jewellery stores in upper Mt Gravatt,  Brisbane.

Our store boasts a captivating collection that showcases the diverse styles and regional influences of Indian jewellery. Embrace the richness of our timeless beauty through your eyes. Grace yourself with sparkling gold and let us be a part of that journey.

It’s an open invitation to you to come and visit our store in upper Mt Gravatt and be our guest of service.  Zevar the pure gold jewellery is a well known brand in Brisbane jewellers community.

Our friendly and well mannered staff provides engaging services that will ensure you to get maximum knowledge of our Indian jewellery collection. We also provide occasion wise jewellery that can fit your mind and body perfectly.

So, We are eagerly waiting for you to visit our jewellery store in upper mt gravatt. Join us as we take you on a journey to explore what sets our jewellery store apart from the rest.

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